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Digital Marketing is a process promotion,marketing generate sales and create brand awareness. seo stands for search engine optimization.

Friday, December 28, 2018

What Is SkyScaper Technique and Using Skyscaper How to Link Building

Here's the harsh truth about building the link:

There are a lot of people in internet marketing today who think that "good content" is enough.

They say, "If you publish great material In Site, people will, of course, point Out to me."

If it was so easy ...

If you're serious about creating high-quality links, you should be very organized in how you create and promote content.

Otherwise, you choose the "cooked spaghetti approach": throw a bunch of things into the wall, hoping to get stuck something.

Well, I'll now show you a technique that almost guarantees high-quality links from every part of your content.

Skyscraper Technology:

Step 1: Search for decent reference content

Step 2: Do something better

Step 3: Speak to the right people.

That's why this method works well (and it's about a skyscraper):

Have you ever passed a tall building already and told yourself:

"Wonder, how wonderful is the eighth tallest building in the world?"

of course not

It is the human nature that attracts the best.

What you do here is find a taller skyscraper in your space ... and throw 20 floors to the top.

Suddenly you have content that everyone wants to talk about (and give a link).

Now: Skyscraper is just one of many strategies I use to get Google rankings on the front page. About others I say in the SEO Business That Works.

Step 1: Find the verified link assets

The linkable resource is the basis of any content marketing campaign associated with successful engagement (including this campaign).

I'm not sure who introduced Linkable Asset, but that's the perfect description of what you want to create: a high-value page that you can use for links over and over again.

Keep in mind that the linked resource is not a crap for "12 something that taught me to talk about social marketing."

This content is so great, so amazing, and so useful that people can not access the WordPress control panel and add a link to your site.

But how do you know if your reference will be a huge success ... or a complete failure?

It's easy: you can find content that has already produced a set of links.

Step 2: Do something better

Your next step is to take what you have and throw it out of the water.

Here's how to move your existing content to the next level:

Make it longer

In some cases, a longer article will be published or contain more items.

If you find a reference magnet called "50 Healthy Snacks," publish a list of 150 (or even 500).

In my case, I decided to list all the 200 rating factors ... or die in the attempt.

The first 50 was at the same time. 50-100 was really heavy. It was 100-150 very difficult. 150-200 was an impossible curse.

It took 10 gallons of coffee and 20 hours of sitting in front of my laptop (do not worry, I took breaks in the bathroom) ...

... but in the end I had something better than anything else.

Step 3: Speak to the right people.

  • Working with email is the foundation of skyscrapers technology.

  • This is like a direct link request, but with a very important turn.

  • Instead of sending emails to random people, you're contacting site owners who have already contacted similar content.

When you evaluate such views, you know that:

1. It runs the site in your place.

2. They are interested in your subject.

3. An article on this topic is already linked.

Now is just a matter of companionship with your clearly superior content.

Monday, December 24, 2018

What Is the Future Of Digital Marketing?

We are entering the fourth structure of digital marketing - the first in 2000 - and there are things your business can do to prepare for the next incident.

What is Digital Marketing 4.0?

Priority structure includes websites, email campaigns, digital advertising, basic social networking management, and blog postings. Focuses only on increasing visits to websites, but does not focus on converting potential customers and potential customer qualifications online. This last repetition, however, includes:


More Integrated Global Marketing: It is now necessary to combine domestic and overseas marketing. Compared to the cold call, I consider it a "warm invitation". For example, after someone reads a blog article on your site, send more meaningful content via email.

A stack of related marketing techniques: No software tool can save that day. Marketing is no longer concerned only with the creative side. Marketing techniques must be designed and integrated properly. Not one social network tool will save today, and one CRM tool will not be the solution. Consider a full stack and how it can work together.

Evolution of marketing roles: The digital transformation is no longer limited to the head of the information department. Now, you need your CMO organization more than ever before. The marketing manager needs to know more about the potential of implementing marketing automation not only to help implement marketing groups, but also to help CEOs measure the total return on investment from start to finish.

Multi-channel marketing strategy: includes in-depth analyzes and data mining, such as AI and automated learning. Multi-channel marketing provides a variety of media when it comes to communicating your brand and value added. The focus may be on only one broker constraint, especially if there are no customers on this channel.

Focus on Account Marketing (B2B). Account-based sales must be an integral part of the digital marketing process, even if you are a B2B SaaS or a newly managed service provider (MSP). This will be the main difference in B2C from B2B institutions in 2017 and beyond.

Understanding what leads to failure

Working on the Fortune 100 for nine years, before moving on to managing my current team, I was fascinated by customer behavior. What are the most digital offerings that deeply engage customers in their digital lives? I began to study specific examples of products, services, communications and experiences that were accepted and accepted by customers during the first two decades of online business. For seven years, working on incoming marketing campaigns, I discovered a pattern of three types of behavior, resulting in the introduction of new digital technologies, which I call the three main types of network behavior:


Consumers want to interact with digital content and access digital data as quickly and easily as possible. Any suggestion that expands this access is incredibly convincing. Think of text messages on mobile phones early, which revolutionized the ability to receive and send messages from anywhere at any time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Both options are wonderful, but you have to understand the difference.

SEO is a time-consuming and changing process, and PPC is fast and result oriented.

As a general rule, we typically refer to Google and perform the corresponding search, and the result is based on several factors. Maybe you will not know that a white hat today will eventually become a black hat tomorrow. All that is between the black and white hat is called gray hat technique. Therefore, this line should not be used during search engine optimization. In addition, you must deeply understand the place of residence. So, the professional SEO job has several limitations:


The process is slow and the results take some time.

During the night, your site may be moved back to results, and you should be ready to answer your boss at any time.
SEO controls content marketing, and this is where most business owners do not want to spend money.
The ROI approach is not clear when compared to PPC.
Comparing PPC with SEO is a costly business, but it depends on intelligence and math. You can generate quick results and leads. You need to understand the basic concepts of Adwords, FB and Twitter, and integrate this with redirection, you can get enough advantages through search engine optimization.

So from a professional point of view, PPC has the following advantages.

  • Quick process and immediate results.
  • Work on an ROI approach.
  • The results are measurable and can get fantastic reports.
  • No need to learn new Google updates or XYZ updates. No need to invest in SEO marketing, content or marketing via social media.
  • The biggest advantage I've seen with PPC pay people. In my opinion, PPC executives get a better salary than SEO.

Considering all the above ideas, I think that for 3 years, PPC CEO for 3 years is CEO of SEO.

Two kinds of SEO investments

Before you invest in your SEO campaign in a boisterous expectation of three to four investment returns, you need to know that there are two types of SEO investments. Each is taken into account when calculating the return on investment.

Financial Investments.

This is exactly how much money you spend on promoting your site. This money can be spent on buying backlinks, creating content, fixing issues on the page and SEO tools to help you track and modify your current SEO campaigns.

Investment time

This type of investment is often overlooked. Although this does not become less important. In fact, temporary attachments mean the timing of implementing all stages of a search engine optimization campaign, which will appear on the first page of Google. In addition, you must set the watch rate of your SEO agency or SEO specialist. You need to keep track of your spending time to see if SEO is a good channel for your business.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

What Is Google Adwords Keywords? How We Use to Get High Rankings In SERP?

What are AdWords keywords?

AdWords keywords are words and phrases that advertisers place in the hope that their ads will appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when people search for these products or services. For example, if you sell shoes online, you can bet on keywords like Nike sneakers and penny loafers. Keyword search is the process of using tools and data to identify keywords that are likely to attract relevant visits to your ads and your site.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (seo) is the process of improving the visibility of your website or your page on a search engine results page using natural methods. This can be done by using basic search terms in your content so that your search engine can find and display your site more quickly. The authority of the site and your profile links also play a role in your ranking in the search engines.

How does the Google Display Network work?

The Google Display Network or the Google Display Network is a very large network of sites that allow Google to place image ads that cover more than 90% of all Internet users! Advertisers typically think that clicks on the Display Network are cheaper than clicks on the Search Network. Depending on targeting methods, your clickthrough rate (CTR) can be high and your CPA is low.

What is the ad group in google adwords? How do ad groups work?

An ad group is a container for AdWords ads, keywords, and landing pages. Google aims to reward advertisers who create AdWords campaigns with highly organized ad groups. It's important not to place all of your keywords in one ad group, but to organize them by topic.

How relevant are AdWords ads?

Ad relevance is a measure of how closely your keyword relates to your ads, as well as how closely your keywords match your ad's and landing pages. Increasing the relevance of your ads and keywords can increase clickthrough rates (CTRs) and Quality Score.

How does the Conversion Optimizer work?

The Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer is a bid management tool that manages keyword-level bids to try to increase the number of conversions at the advertiser-set price or below the set price (also known as cost per action or cost-per-acquisition).

I put ads on Google. How do I do?

In WordStream, we analyzed tens of thousands of Google AdWords accounts from around the world across a wide range of industries. The easiest way to learn how Google PPC is to compare PPC performance with similar advertisers in your field is the scope of expenses. Fortunately, WordStream contains a free tool for this purpose. Click below to start Google AdWords Grader Free!

Monday, December 17, 2018

What Is Google AdWords? How it Works?

What are Google ads (formerly known as Google AdWords)?

What is AdWords? Google Ads, AKA Google AdWords is a Google advertising system where advertisers bid on specific keywords so that their clickable ads visible in Google search results. Because advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google generates money from search. This image information will help you understand how AdWords works, look at the details of the AdWords auction, the bidding process, and explain important factors like Quality Score and CPC. If you ask "How does AdWords work?" These charts are for you!


Does AdWords work?

Does Google AdWords work? Based on how competitive your keywords are bidding and how well this keyword is true for your company's real conversions, AdWords may or may not work for your business. For the most part, we found that Google AdWords is very effective for many types of businesses if they do not spend their money on the wrong keywords or write low ads with low CTR.

What does Google AdWords cost?

Many factors can affect the cost of AdWords ads for your business. Learn more about these costs, how bids work, and the average cost per click for advertisers in our guide, "How much does it cost AdWords?"

How to advertise with Google AdWords

Companies can advertise on Google by opening a Google AdWords account. Learn more about how to make the most of Google AdWords, read here. Or, use the tried-and-true path to AdWords success in the "How to use Google AdWords" graphs.

How do AdWords bids work?

Your ad's actual location is determined by your ad's rank (maximum bid-per-view indicator). Highest ad rank in the first ad position. Your actual CPC will be determined by the higher order of your ad, broken down by your Quality Score. The only exception to this rule is when you are the only bidder or have the lowest bid in the AdWords auction; then you pay the maximum bid per click! AdWords offers severe penalties for advertisers offering low quality bids. Conversely, people with a high Quality Score get higher ad rank and lower CPC.

How often does Google Auction go?

The auction is held monthly in billions of times. The results are that users find ads related to what they're looking for, and advertisers communicate with potential customers at the lowest prices, and Google generates billions of dollars in revenue.

How does Google Auction work?

Once the order is submitted to Google, the search engine processes the order and begins the auction, which then determines the position of the ad and the CPC for each advertiser.

How do you enter the Google Auction?

Google ads may be eligible to participate in an auction if you bid on keywords that match a user's search query. Your bids, Quality Score, and relevance will be used to determine if your ad is eligible to appear in search results.

What does the Google auction get?

Once advertisers have selected the keywords for which they'd like to bid, Google enters the keyword from your account that you consider more relevant to the auction with the maximum bid you set and the associated ad.

What is cost per click?

Cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount an advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their AdWords ad.

How does CPC work?

Your cost-per-click (CPC) is determined by your ability to compete, maximum bids, and Quality Score. Learn about the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords.

What is an average CPC in AdWords?

AdWords average cost-per-click (CPC) varies by keyword and industry, but is about $ 2.32 in search and $ 0.58 in the Display Network. Get more AdWords averages here.

What is Quality Score from Google?

This is the metric Google uses to determine the relevance and usefulness of your ad to the user, primarily based on your ad's clickthrough rate (CTR), keyword relevance, and the quality of your landing page. The higher your Quality Score, the better: high quality keywords will save money and increase your Ad Rank.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Top 5 Best Email Providers?


ActiveCampaign is called one of the main alternatives to InfusionSoft. For those who need effective sales automation and marketing for InfusionSoft, but easier to use and configure, there is ActiveCampaign.

Despite the low cost and ease of use compared to InfusionSoft, you will not lose much in terms of functionality. ActiveCampaign still allows you to conduct marketing campaigns and behavior-based business campaigns, but with a preparation that most experienced business owners can understand.

The full version of ActiveCampaign provides a complete business solution from which you can place CRM, email marketing, transaction flow, sales automation, and more. With training and adaptive presentation, without the 4-digit board required by InfusionSoft, this is a great alternative if you want to automate interaction with customers, both new and old.


Vertical response

Vertical Response lets you easily link email marketing campaigns to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Scroll through the current contact list only and connect with a wider audience.

There are several ways to create your own electronic ad engine. If you are not good at using HTML, you can use the E-mail wizard. If you're interested in creating emails containing your company's websites and graphics, you can use the free form HTML editor. Do not disturb images or logos? Go with text option only, and simple.


You can send up to 4,000 monthly e-mail messages to 1000 contacts for free.


The Zoho campaign process consists of three sections: the basic information that identifies the campaign name, email data, content, and audience. The latter speak for themselves.

Your campaign can be completed by simply selecting recipients and other campaign details. In the "Content" section, you'll find the most useful WYSIWYG editor used for HTML content. You can add images, drag and drop objects, format text, and copy / paste any text in your email. Do you want this layout and layout to be the default setting for each campaign? Save in the library and cover you.

Take advantage of custom tags by creating custom fields. By creating a new field, you can create more efficient custom tags. The type of custom fields and tags that you create depends on the type of products and services you provide.


The free test plan opens 2,000 subscribers / 12,000 e-mail per month. Prices start at $ 5 per month.


Maintain your contact list effectively and create marketing campaigns at the professional level.

The Contacts section allows you to add custom fields to contact lists and allows you to copy contacts as well as search.

GetResponse will follow the number of subscribers who can view email, complaint, unsubscribe or follow up links. You will also know how many messages were not received at the destination for any reason. You can also find out why people are unsubscribed.

The data shown is clearly shown in the pie charts and graph. You can view a summary of results after sending questionnaires.

Help and support are provided in the form of frequently asked questions, online seminars, PDFs, video tutorials, a glossary of terms and articles for the training center. There is support via email and live chat.


They offer different packages depending on the number of subscribers, a basic start of $ 15 per month with 1,000 subscribers


IContact is simple but intuitive - it comes with HTML encoding options and marketing templates, depending on how you want to reach your campaign.

Streamlines an easy-to-navigate interface, and tabs in the top half of the screen let you create email campaigns and see how they work. After you select a tab, leave it at the discretion of the Setup Wizard, which will guide you through the rest of the process.

When you have a contact list, iContact will help you add a registration form to your website so you can turn your visitors into strong subscribers. Do you have a list of subscribers saved in a CSV or Excel file? Import them into your iContact subscription list.

Create aliases and send emails according to certain filters to determine your target market. iContact also includes social networking and Twitter integration, as well as Facebook-friendly features.

The answering machine sends automatic messages at specific intervals that are triggered by specific events. For example, if you sign up for a newsletter, you'll receive a callback from

Friday, December 14, 2018

What is a Quora? How we Marketing In Quora?

What is a Quora?
Quora is a Q & A site where questions, answers, editing, and organization are conducted by the user community.


Thus, Quora is a great marketing tool for the following reasons:

  • You get 1.5 million visitors per month
  • You can show your experience on this topic.
  • You will receive advice from the best experts.
  • You can access direct answers to your questions.
  • You can share content from external sources and your location on your profile.

Key features of Quora
personal file
The first thing you do after registration is to create your profile. You need to fill out this information, as if you want to prove yourself as an expert, you must present yourself as one of them. Take the time to be visually and informative about what you are doing and who you are and what your main themes are.
Click your name in the top menu bar. Then select "Profile" and "Edit" to add your title and profile content. Remember to add links to your social accounts or website. This will help attract referral traffic to your website from Quora.

Search and follow topics
Now that you have created your profile, you will need to start the following topics. You can use keywords in the search box to search for topics. The platform supports sentences, so you can easily find additional topics as you enter them.

Topic pages start with the latest tips and questions.

If you follow the topic, you'll get the most recent activity in your homepage feed. You can also configure in the Settings section to receive the latest questions in your mail.
You can also subscribe directly to any topic by adding / rss to the URL. If you use a search query to find a topic, just delete the keyword? Q = at the end of the URL before adding / rss. For Google, the URL for the topic is, and the RSS feed URL is
Below the basic questions and subscription options, you can find the latest actions on the topic, "Most Viewed Book" and people who follow the topic.
This way, you can easily connect with other experts or people interested in your topic. Just click "Subscribers" in the "About" section, and you'll see all who follow the topic.

Describe the subject of your experiment on your profile.
Once you know the topics that matter to you, you can go back to your profile and click on it.

For each topic, you can edit the related experiment. This is a good way to present your experience on every topic.
When you answer a question about a topic, the description you choose is displayed with the answer. If you leave this blank, a public CV will appear.

How to use Quora to manage reputation and customer service?

  • Add questions
  • Write Answers
  • Create your blog's
  • Publish Content